3 Day Halfboard

Come and enjoy the peace in and around Estate hotel Woodbrooke in Barc..
from 122,50 PP

3 Day Bed and Breakfast

Visit and enjoy our beautiful region Achterhoek where there are numero..
from 62,50 PP

3 Day Dinner

Are you ready for a relaxing stay in nature? Come and enjoy the peace ..
from 92,50 PP


It might sound familiar to you. Because of your busy everyday life you..
from 135,50 PP

Hiking & cycling

In the Achterhoek we have a signposted cycle route network of hundreds..
from 117,50 PP

Mini holiday 4 or 5 day

Are you ready for a few relaxing days? Come and enjoy the peace in and..
from 152,50 PP


Regain your strength in the Achterhoek. Estate hotel Woodbrooke is sur..
from 65,50


Outside it is dreary and cold, but inside, beside the fireplace, it is..
from 109 pp


We welcome you during Easter and let you enjoy the peace in ..
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Enjoy spring. You can enjoy all the spring brings, with your bare feet..
from 109 pp


  Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the summer. You can enjoy all the su..
from 109,00 PP


In autumn you can also have a most pleasant stay on the Estate of Esta..
from 109 pp

Dickens Festival

The Dickens Festival takes place for the 27th time, and every year it ..
from 112,50


Every season is beautiful! Discover how beautiful nature around Woodbr..
from 212,50 PP

Turn of the year

End the year 2019 relaxing and start 2020 completely rested. At Estate..
from 149,00 PP