Something to Celebrate

An evaluation of the year, a thank you for the previous year or that last budget discussion, you are most welcome! Make a reservation for a drink or reception with colleagues, or make use of our all-in meeting-dinner package. Now for an extra good deal!

All-in Meeting dinner
Dining and having a meeting at the same time, if you wish in our enclosed Library equipped with technical facilities, and concluding with a drink. And no financial surprises afterwards! Also great when you are all done with the meeting and would like to conclude or start the evening your with your colleagues in a fun way!

- Three-course choice menu
- Drink package during the dinner 
- Coffee/tea and bonbons after dinner
- Concluding drink with two snacks p.p.

Make a reservation now, for € 52.50 p.p. ** 
and every 15th person for free!

Winter buffet
- Reception with a drink
- Domestic drink package and mixed nuts
- 4 or 5 stews* with extensive garnishes

Make a reservation now, for € 32.50 (3.5 hours) and € 28.50 (2.5 hours) p.p.

Christmas or New Year’s Eve drink
- Reception with coffee/tea and a petit four
- Drink package and mixed nuts
- Two cold snacks and two warm snacks

Make a reservation now, for € 16.75 p.p. 
and every 10th person for free!